Life is good but wanting it to be great? Wish you were more connected to all the busy people around you?

“I’m the guy you call when you want to have it all”


  1. I am always hearing that I am so attractive but I feel I am missing out on something that allows me to meet and connect with decent professional and level headed guys, Things go beyond looks and I would love to learn how to tap into more of me

  2. Hi Tyler and thanks for your input. This is a common problem facing men. Sure we may hear or think we are physically attractive at times. But what does this really mean for our happiness? Usually materialistic compliments feel good temporarily but do not solve the underlying issues that make us want to jump out of bed in the morning. Only meaning, purpose and love can help you move toward what you want in life. This journey begins and ends with YOU. Stud Training 101 teaches you techniques and lessons so YOU are in the drivers seat and gets you on the path to meeting the people you were MEANT to meet. Chris

  3. Thanks for your interest in Stud Training 101. I have sent an email to your address listed. Chris

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