Chris Munro is a dynamic Life Coach, Author and Founder of “THE POWER OF YOUR AQ®”. He has over four years of experience in Confidence Coaching, with a distinctive ability to motivate gay men to overcome obstacles that diminish brilliance or hinder greatness.

As a highly talented professional and visionary leader, Chris combines his outstanding skill sets, initiative, problem solving abilities and positive attitude to assist men in raising self esteem, attracting more dates, and connecting with their community. He has worked with several diffident individuals, inspiring them to love themselves, quit hiding and embrace rejection. After experiencing a lack of self belief, feeling of worthlessness and irrelevance for several years, Chris decided to make a change not just for himself, but for all those who were victims of this trap. He consistently strives to assist great people in building self-confidence, in order to attract the social and love life they truly deserve.

Chris is ambitious, charismatic and self motivated, always bringing his energy, knowledge and commitment of excellence to accomplish his aspirations. He is the Author of “THE POWER OF YOUR AQ®” (How to Build Confidence & Attract the People You Were Meant to Connect With) and also a renowned singer. Chris holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics (major) and Communications (minor) from SFU in British Columbia. When he’s off professional duties, he enjoys reading, rollerblading, watching live sports and working out at the gym.

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  1. Call me – Your contact info access is perfect!!! What blog site did you use to do this? I want in…. 🙂 Big Sis. xo

  2. Hello Chris,
    Greetings from Seattle! Just curious if your blog is still active? Great content and intent! Best to you…

  3. I have to say that I am fascinated and curious about taking your course… I am from Toronto, but currently living in Mexico. On my return to Toronto, I would love to meet up to discuss my options and your course!!

  4. I’ve been following along on this and the original post for several days. I hope that a few people who learn something from your observations. I have a lot of thoughts about this, but I’m not sure they’re unique enough to share here in an efficient manner. Thanks for your words.

  5. I must apologize for getting back to you so late! I had disabled comments due to the overwhelming spam I was getting. I have sorted that problem out now. I hope life is treating you well!!

  6. Yes it is!! I had disabled comments due to spam my apologies. Also I wrote a book and have taken courses to make mine even better and with much more value. I hope things are great in Seattle for you. Chris

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