Cute vs Sexy

I wanted to share an insight of how I go about as the Stud Trainer and why my program builds such confidence and change so quickly with the participants I have had.

What do you think is the difference between somebody you would consider “cute” and what you would call “sexy”.  We know a “Stud” would be automatically considered more on the sexy side but why is this?? Where does this come from?? And do we all have this in our true nature?

Well, ONE of the reasons for peoples sexiness derives from a place a lot of us are not comfortable with- this would be our DARK side.  Our dark side is where our creativity stems from, its our adventurous side, can be our playful side.  Society mostly sees it as our self destructive side and a side that can be harmful to others.  These last two reasons are why a lot of us choose to ignore or repress this side of ourselves.  But a sexy Stud is comfortable with his dark side- he doesn’t repress it and he makes no apologies for it.

TRUE: this side cannot always be controlled and can and sometimes does make for some external problems, frustrations and guilt.  But with proper safe outlets, practice and the right guidance, coming to peace with your inner dark side can unleash a magnetism and sexiness you never before thought possible.

To sign up for Stud Training 101 please contact studtraining101@gmail.com (sorry Toronto area only as of April 29th, 2013)


Welcome to Stud Training 101

Hi there and thanks for checking out Stud Training 101. This blog provides useful tips on sexiness, physical/mental/spiritual well being and also the actual application of these. For example, why IS meditation so powerful, why do I care about it, and how does this help me get laid or find somebody I want to connect with??

You may have seen this on TV, Facebook or heard about it through a friend or website and wondered what this REALLY is all about!!

Well, what exactly is a STUD? We see examples of them every day on TV and around us in the clubs and at our work place.  They enter a room with confidence, strong posture and a magnetism that seems to attract people to them.  They engage in what looks like FUN and meaningful conversations with their friends, family members, co-workers, and even perfect strangers.  Behind closed doors a STUD is fulfilled and feels happy- this is not just a “front” to put on in public.  A STUD engages in AUTHENTIC behavior and is always on a quest to improve his life and happiness.  YES, like everybody a STUD goes through ups and downs; but as he improves his skills and continues to work towards loving his life and his self these down times become fewer and further between and less painful, and are consistently being replaced with fun, intimate, perhaps sexual and purposeful experiences.

Is this you; are you a STUD??

If so, great…. if not- and there are some areas that could use some improvements- then Stud Training 101 is for YOU!!

The actual course provides 1 on 1 support to set the participants life on a crash course for dramatically improved self confidence, self image, improved physical/mental attractiveness and improved social relationships.

So, are you ready to go after what you REALLY want out of life????