The AQ® is what sets the men apart from the boys, the winners from the losers, the guys who seem to get all the women/men apart from the guys wishing just anybody would text them back.

– nah you don’t understand it’s just all about looks. You wouldn’t understand my problems cause you are pretty good looking I see

Really? Okay, I bet you $10, 000 I can probably go downtown right now and find 5 people that are not as attractive as you who are happily single or are married or are dating somebody.

– Okay, I won’t take that bet I for sure know there are many people out there that have found love with not the best looks, disabilities, you name it. BUT, it’s just about money, the guys who have all the money seem to get what they want?

Okay… I’ll make the same bet again with you on that…

– Okay, so then what is it then? What do these guys have that I don’t? Isn’t it all just random luck?

No. It has nothing to do with LUCK. They have a much higher AQ®

– Can I raise mine? AND WHAT IS IT?

YES. Enter your email below and I will tell you all about it…

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