You are already “ready” and worthy of love right now.  But sometimes it takes work and a shift in thinking and consciousness to truly experience this fact.  STUD TRAINING 101 will be a step in your healing process; a step and a guide to help you love yourself more and give you more confidence then you have ever had before.  Everything you need to be successful, worthy, and loved is already in you right now, waiting for your consciousness and soul to truly realize this fact, deep within you.

What Our Readers Are Saying

"Thank you for introducing me to your book. It’s nice to have a true smile again. Your a beautiful guy Chris. An inspiration. A life changer. Hugs ps. I’m talking to someone now trying to get them to check out STUD 101." –  Chad, Canada

"If this book doesn’t motivate you to start living your best life, then read it again! Chris Munro provides readers an opportunity to start living the life they’ve always imagined. He shares his personal experiences with insecurity, deepens knowledge of how to boost personal confidence using a unique measuring tool, and sets you up for success offering a series of confidence boosting exercises the reader can start today. Insightful, motivational and laced throughout with humour, if you’re tired of living a ‘less than’ life, this is a book for you!" – Michelle, Canada

"Informative and entertaining. Every guy can take something away from this. At a couple of points I said “yup” that’s me.
A great read!!" – Sean, Canada


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